Epworth Literacy is an aggregation of intervention programmes and services to help children overcome learning challenges and disabilities so that they can cope with formal education.

Literacy Intervention Programme

  • Helps students cope and remain in mainstream schools
  • Reduces risk of juvenile delinquency in their later years
  • Literacy intervention teachers help bridge gaps in literacy skills of students with learning needs
  • Age range of enrolled students : 4 to 12 years


  • STAR behavioural modification intervention programme helps 4 to 12 year old children with challenging behaviours
  • Seeks to help children cope with their challenging behaviours, inattention/impulsive issues, social and emotional difficulties
  • Strives to equip parents with positive parenting skills in managing their children’s challenging behaviours at home and in other settings

Psychological Services

  • Our team of psychologists provide screening, assessment and intervention programmes for children with developmental and behavioural issues
  • Psychological assessments are conducted for children and youths in the areas of cognitive assessment, achievements assessments and Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder

KidsREAD programme

  • Part of a nationwide reading programme that promotes the love for reading and cultivates good reading habits among young Singaporeans
  • Targets children from 4 to 8 years of age


The important work of Epworth Community Services is funded primarily by generous well- wishers who strongly believe in our cause.

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